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Law & Order/WGA Writers Strike

vdovault has been supplying the lion's share of posts to the LJ online community wga_supporters which includes a good number of posts with comments and commentary on the strike from Law & Order creator, Dick Wolf (see links below). Plus today he found this YouTube video which features some actors you might recognize...

Hey Crime Drama Viewers: Here's a curious little puzzler: Murder Unscripted (video)
January 9, 2008

More From Dick Wolf on The WGA Strike and the debut of Law & Order
January 2, 2008

Dick Wolf On The WGA Strike...News From Two Different Sources
December 28, 2007

Scene Of The Crime Rally Pictures: Law & Order Criminal Intent Fans Rejoice!
December 19, 2007


Supporting the Law & Order (TOS, CI & SVU) writers!
November 10, 2007
Very cool icons from polkadotsnplaid  including...

Finally, see this post from polkadotsnplaid  --

Law & Order franchise strike support community
January 8, 2008
A new fandom-specific strike support community has been started! If you are a fan of any of the Law & Order shows, come show your support and join crime_doesntpay. Everything posted will relate to how the strike affects the L&O shows, both individually, and as a franchise.
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