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Jeremy Sisto joining--but as a detective

So we still don't know what's going on with the legal department; is Alana De La Garza's ADA Connie Rubirosa going to be promoted to Jack's old job as Executive ADA (highly doubtful!) or is a new Executive ADA going to be cast? And if so, who??

What would be really cool is if they brought in Richard Brooks to be the new Executive ADA--if for no other reason than to bring back a founding cast member for its upcoming record-breaking season!

In Today's Casting News: A New L&O Cop, a Heroes Mutant

From -

After guesting as a lawyer in the season finale of Law & Order, Six Feet Under alum Jeremy Sisto is returning to the series this fall as a regular, but this time as a new character, a detective who it's speculated will replace Milena Govich....

[You might also know Jeremy Sisto from when he played Elton in Clueless, or when he played, well, Jesus, in the 1999 Jesus NBC miniseries--!]
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