Valsadie (valsadie) wrote in laworder,

If Law and Order was a virus...

...we'd all be sick! Right here, in Chi-town, between the cable and local channels, there are no fewer than FOUR "Law and Order" shows on right now, simultaneously!

Local channel -- Law & Order: SVU (Russian Love Poem, 1999)

USA -- Law & Order: SVU (Savant, 2007)

TNT -- Law & Order: Trial by Jury (Skeleton, 2005)
* Airing because it's the conclusion of the "Law & Order" two-parter that let Jesse L. Martin take time off from the show in order to make the film version of "Rent"

Bravo -- Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Mis-Labeled, 2004)
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...that's so awesome.