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NOT Good News: Jesse L. Martin Leaving "Law & Order"--and look who's replacing him!,,20179207,00.html

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Jesse L. Martin Leaving 'Law & Order'

The actor is exiting the drama series he called home for the past nine years, and ''K-Ville'' star Anthony Anderson is in talks to fill the void

JESSE L. MARTIN The actor is exiting Dick Wolf's NBC series and will next play Marvin Gaye in the biopic ''Sexual Healing''
Will Hart

(FROM HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) – After months of speculation, it is now official that Jesse L. Martin is leaving NBC's Law & Order after nine years on the show. Sources say his character, Detective Ed Green, will be written off. In the wake of Martin's departure, Anthony Anderson, star of Fox's freshman cop drama K-Ville, is in final talks to come on board as a new detective partnered with Jeremy Sisto's Cyrus Lupo. Martin is expected to shoot one more episode with Anderson stepping in later this season. Although Fox has never officially pulled the plug on K-Ville, Anderson's casting in Law & Order pretty much makes that a done deal. Martin recently finished work on the feature Peter and Vandy, and will next play Marvin Gaye in the indie biopic Sexual Healing, which also stars James Gandolfini. (Hollywood Reporter)


You might remember Anthony Anderson--he was the heavy-set black guy who stepped in for Mariska Hargitay's character while she was on maternity leave. He and Chris Meloni's character came to blows, remember? Not sure if he's playing the same irritating (!) character...
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